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Finding A Czech Mate For Flying Adventures

The European SportCruiser LSA comes into its own

“It was a Cinderella story gone bad in 2011 when Piper Aircraft, just one year after plucking the sleek Czech-built CSA SportCruiser from obscurity and rechristening it the PiperSport, unceremoniously dumped the aircraft that the famed OEM had licensed as its LSA offering. But, anyone who thought the stylish, well-built SportCruiser had used up its 15 minutes and would disappear back into the European light-sport pack most likely never flew the aircraft or considered that the pilots from Piper were smitten for a reason—regardless of what went on behind closed doors that led to the split.”

Published on Tuesday, June 3, 2014, in Plane & Pilot Magazine

Story By James Wynbrandt, Photos By Jim Koepnick

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