About the SportCruiser

SportCruiser: “The Sports Coupe of the Sky”

The SportCruiser is the market leader in the Light Sport Aircraft segment of the General Aviation market. In addition to its benchmark flight characteristics, performance and equipment, the SportCruiser offers unique features that make the aircraft the most attractive proposition for basic and advanced flight training, air clubs, basic military training, recreational use and air tourism.

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Easy to fly, easy to maintain, and easy to afford: the SportCruiser leads the pack.
US Sport Aircraft is the sole U.S. importer and distributor of Czech Sport Aircraft’s SportCruiser: a modern, well-equipped and economical cross-country Light Sport Aircraft. The SportCruiser is a fun and easy plane to fly, offering glass cockpit technology at a cost far less than traditional aircraft. It has been the top-selling all-metal aircraft in its class for ten years. The SportCruiser’s excellent flight characteristics, superior performance, and panoramic canopy make it a true joy to fly. All of this and direct operating costs of less than $25 per hour make the SportCruiser an exciting aircraft we just love to work with.

Luxury in the LSA Category
While many aircraft in the Light Sport Aircraft category are merely large ultralights or former kit planes, the SportCruiser was designed as a true production aircraft from the beginning. Although it fits in the LSA category, there is nothing amateur or kit-built about the SportCruiser. With the SportCruiser, you’ll be proud to own the Light Sport Aircraft known for being Best in Class. They have also been proven to hold their value like no other aircraft in the class. Easy to fly, easy to maintain, and easy to afford: the SportCruiser leads the pack.

The New Benchmark for Flight Training
The SportCruiser is used extensively for flight training around the world. The excellent flight characteristics of the aircraft and robust construction of the airframe are perfectly suited to entry-level students and this makes the SportCruiser the ideal platform for training purposes. Due to the highest standards of safety, superior performance, ease of maintenance and low through-life operating costs the SportCruiser has quickly established itself as the new benchmark for flight training. The facts on the market today clearly confirm the leadership of the SportCruiser within the flight training segment of the Light Sport Aircraft market.

Lowest Operational Costs in the LSA Category
Through-life costs are a major consideration in the decision-making process for the acquisition of a new aircraft. The SportCruiser represents the lowest operational costs in the Light Sport Aircraft category. Together with the most competitive acquisition price in its class, this makes the SportCruiser a very attractive proposition for all user groups.

Maintenance-Friendly Aircraft
Due to the intelligent construction of the aircraft coupled with certain elements of design and applied technologies, the SportCruiser is a very maintenance-friendly aircraft. The associated simplified procedures make the SportCruiser an ideal solution for flight schools and operators of large fleets.

Most Spacious & Ergonomic Cockpit in the LSA Category
Boasting the most spacious and ergonomic cockpit in the Light Sport Aircraft category and a level of comfort that is second to none, together with ease of control and endurance, the SportCruiser is widely appreciated as the perfect platform for both flight training and recreational use.

Flexibility of Luggage Space Guaranteed
Due to unique baggage lockers in both wing sections of the aircraft as well as a spacious baggage compartment located in the rear part of the cockpit, the SportCruiser will always guarantee great flexibility for that weekend away. Each individual wing locker is able to accommodate up to 22 lbs. of luggage, providing the possibility to transport up to a total of 84 lbs. of luggage depending on available useful load.

Affordable Ownership
US Sport Aircraft makes it easy and affordable to own your own SportCruiser with flexible financing options and our SportShares Fractional Ownership Program. Why be the owner of another sports coupe in traffic when you can own the “sports coupe of the sky” and soar through vast, open skies? Just call us when you want to fly, and we’ll have your plane gassed up, washed, and waiting for you on the ramp.

Maintenance and Parts Support
US Sport Aircraft also extends our unique brand of customer service to maintenance and parts support for all SportCruiser and PiperSport owners in the U.S. We maintain an in-house inventory of most parts and can usually deliver the next day. Also at your service are our US Sport technicians who’ll take the time to talk to you and help diagnose problems, identify the correct parts and suggest operational ways to improve performance. US Sport Aircraft is the authority for maintaining your SportCruiser or PiperSport. We have more experience rebuilding, maintaining, and assembling these aircraft than anyone else in the country! All of our friendly maintenance personnel are factory trained to maintain your aircraft to the highest level.