SportCruiser Exterior

Sleek, Elegant Exterior

Robust Construction
Czech Sport Aircraft is dedicated to innovation and technological excellence in its production processes. Due to the choice of materials and processes involved in the production of the SportCruiser, the aircraft boasts a very robust construction. The feature is perfectly suited to the training of entry-level students and makes the SportCruiser the ideal platform for flight schools.

Full Metal Design
The SportCruiser is a double-seat aircraft of full metal construction. The aircraft is arranged as a low wing mono-plane with cantilevered wings and a conventional empennage.

The wing is a cantilever wing designed in two pieces. Each wing is attached by 6 shear bolts to the wing center section. A fuel tank is located in each wing with a capacity of 15 gallons. A unique storage compartment is also located in each wing with a capacity of 22 lbs. per compartment. The wing tip is constructed from carbon-glass laminate. The wing is equipped with slotted flaps and ailerons. The right aileron is fitted with electrical trim.

The SportCruiser is very responsive and fun to fly, but also has a forgiving safety aspect. This is a very stable aircraft, which makes it a great training platform. Its stability is attributed to its long wing cord design, which also gives it a very slow stall speed of 31 knots with full flaps.

The tailplane is formed by a stabilizer and elevator. The elevator is full balanced by horn balance and is equipped with a trim tab controlled by electrical servo.

The fuselage is designed as a conventional metal semi-monocoque structure. The cockpit frame and cover frame are made from a carbon glass fibre construction. The undercarriage is attached directly to the channel on the fuselage base.

The SportCruiser boasts the most spacious and ergonomic cockpit in the Light Sport Aircraft category. The cockpit has front-up-opened cover and two side sliding windows. All windows are made from Plexiglass. Located to the rear of the pilot seats is a spacious baggage compartment. The cockpit is equipped with an instrument panel holding all instruments in 3 separate panels. Individual control sticks and pedals provide the flight controls for both seats. The throttle is positioned on the center console and the wheel brakes are located on the pedals.

Power Supply
The aircraft is powered by 12V electrical power.

Customizable Paint Schemes
The SportCruiser is fully customizable with many different design options and paint schemes to ensure that you are not only flying a modern, well-equipped and economical cross-country aircraft, but also that you are flying in style. The ramp appeal of the SportCruiser is second to none; this aircraft is guaranteed to turn heads wherever it goes!