SportCruiser Interior

Spacious Modern Interior

Unparalleled Style & Comfort
The SportCruiser has a stylish, well-appointed cabin that dwarfs most 2 and 4 seat aircraft. With a cabin width over 46 inches, the SportCruiser is wider than a Beechcraft Bonanza or a Cessna 210, allowing for ample shoulder room. In addition, the seats are fully customizable with color schemes in both fabric and leather options.

Due to the generous storage space provided by unique baggage lockers in both wing sections of the aircraft that are able to carry up to 22 lbs. each, as well as a spacious baggage compartment (40 lbs. max) located in the rear part of cockpit, the SportCruiser will always guarantee great flexibility for that weekend away. Boasting the most spacious and ergonomic cockpit in the Light Sport Aircraft category and a level of comfort that is second to none, together with ease of control and endurance, the SportCruiser is widely appreciated as the ideal aircraft for tourist and cross-country flying.

This modern, state-of-the-art aircraft provides the latest safety and convenience technologies such as whole-airframe ballistic parachute recovery system, synthetic vision, touch-screen avionics, 2-axis autopilot with VNAV and approach coupling capability, ADS/B, in-cockpit traffic and weather, XM satellite radio, and much more!

Supreme Visibility
The SportCruiser’s bubble canopy provides an incredibly wide field of view for the pilot and passenger. The cockpit has front-up-opened cover and two side sliding windows. All windows are made from Plexiglass. Paired with advanced glass cockpit technology including smooth ultra-high resolution synthetic vision, such enhanced visibility allows for perfectly unobstructed views and greatly increased awareness. The SportCruiser is perfect for long cross-country trips, sightseeing tours, and everything in between!