Your New Home For Flight Training!

US Sport Aircraft now has a brand new website for their acclaimed flight school! Click the “Training” tab above to go there now!

US Sport Flight Academy is a branch of US Sport Aircraft. Since 2006, US Sport Aircraft has sold over 600 aircraft, trained over 4000 pilots, and revolutionized flight training in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. And that was just the beginning.

With the tripling of our flight instruction team, addition of dozens of new programs, and acquisition of a brand new flight training facility at Addison Airport, we have created the new benchmark for modern and efficient flight training!

At US Sport Flight Academy you can earn your sport, private, instrument, commercial, multi, CFI, CFII, MEI, and more! And the best part? A guaranteed interview upon completion of our CFI program. You’ll build time as a flight instructor until reaching airline minimums – that’s just 2 years from zero to airline pilot!

A unique feature of flight training at US Sport Flight Academy is that we also offer unconventional programs such as aerobatic training, tail wheel training, upset recovery, and more! You name it, we teach it!

We offer both self-paced and accelerated training at a fraction of the cost of competing flight schools, and you’ll be doing it in brand new to late-model aircraft. Forget those rusty broken down antiques they fly at those other schools! A wide variety of aircraft and advanced glass cockpit avionics for as low as $125 an hour can’t be beat anywhere else – guaranteed!

Our team is here and ready to fly – give us a call and make your dreams become a reality!

Country Club Style

A look at how a recreational flight school and distributor of the SportCruiser LSA has managed to thrive in a tough market

“All too often, we hear about gen­eral aviation businesses hang­ing on by a thread, scraping by in a fight to survive. Why, then, has US Sport Aircraft, operator of a recreational flight school and the distributor of the SportCruiser light-sport aircraft, continued to grow and thrive over the past nine years?”

Story published in Plane & Pilot Magazine on June 9, 2015

By Robert McGrath

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Finding A Czech Mate For Flying Adventures

The European SportCruiser LSA comes into its own

“It was a Cinderella story gone bad in 2011 when Piper Aircraft, just one year after plucking the sleek Czech-built CSA SportCruiser from obscurity and rechristening it the PiperSport, unceremoniously dumped the aircraft that the famed OEM had licensed as its LSA offering. But, anyone who thought the stylish, well-built SportCruiser had used up its 15 minutes and would disappear back into the European light-sport pack most likely never flew the aircraft or considered that the pilots from Piper were smitten for a reason—regardless of what went on behind closed doors that led to the split.”

Published on Tuesday, June 3, 2014, in Plane & Pilot Magazine

Story By James Wynbrandt, Photos By Jim Koepnick

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US Sport Joins OpenAirplane

US Sport Aircraft is a proud member of OpenAirplane, a network of aircraft rental operators. Co-founder Rod Rakic said thousands of pilots have registered for the unique program, in which they have a single check-out in the aircraft of their choice and that check-out is valid for renting aircraft of the same type at any of the participating rental businesses. “We think we’ve really created a new way to rent airplanes and a better way to use your pilot certificate,” said Rakic.

Normally if pilots are visiting another area, they have to have a local check-out before a business will rent them one of their aircraft. With OpenAirplane, qualified instructors at any of the bases can conduct the checkride and the credentials are accepted by any of the other businesses in the system.

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