SportCruiser & PiperSport Resources

PiperSport / SportCruiser:
Pre-Solo Written Exam
Flight Maneuver Procedures
ADS Radio Communications Script
How to Take Off and Land in a SportCruiser

PiperSport / SportCruiser Maintenance Information:
Czech Sport Aircraft Website
Illustrated Parts Catalog
Maintenance Manual
PS-28 / SportCruiser Maintenance Manual
Parts Order Form (Excel)
Factory Bulletins Page (Check this often)

Czech Sport Aircraft Website
SportCruiser Checklist – SVAP+ (SkyView)
SportCruiser Checklist – LTD
SportCruiser Checklist – Classic
SportCruiser Weight & Balance Calculator (Excel)
SportCruiser POH – SVAP+/SVAP Light SkyView
SportCruiser POH – LTD Dynon D100/D120
SportCruiser POH – Classic Steam Gauges
SportCruiser Maintenance & Inspection Manual
SportCruiser Continued Airworthiness Instructions
BRS Parachute Installation Manual
Seatback Reinforcement Installation Guide

Technical Publications for Owners and Mechanics:
SportCruiser Service & Maintenance Support
SportCruiser Technical Publications
Parts Catalog
Parts Order Form (Excel)
Rotax Aircraft Engines Website
Rotax Factory Authorized Training Programs
AC 43.131B with Change 1
Rotax Owners Website
Czech Sport Aircraft Warranty
Rotax Engine Registration


Documents and downloads listed here are not intended to replace competent flight or ground instruction, nor properly licensed mechanics. All materials are provided for reference and educational use only. The information contained in checklists, POHs, Weight & Balance calculations, Manuals, Documents, etc. vary with each individual aircraft make, model and year of manufacture. No representations are made as to the degree of accuracy for any specific aircraft. You must consult the specific POH/AOI for the aircraft you intend to operate for the proper and correct information. Contact manufacturers directly for the most recent and up-to-date information.