Complete Private Pilot Training Package

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Pavement Pounder to Licensed Private Pilot

You asked for it!We’ve had many requests for an all inclusive package designed to turn a never-flown wannabe into a fully licensed private pilot. We are pleased to offer this package that includes all the training, flight time, equipment and materials needed to realize your dream of being a certified private pilot.

The package includes everything shown at right; everything that is required to get most people through training and ready for the flight test – all in one package price. The only things that are not included are medical exam and test fees which must be paid directly to an FAA authorized testing center or designated examiner.

All flights will be in one of our state-of-the-art SportCruisers by Czech Sport Aircraft. These beautiful all-metal planes feature glass cockpits, GPS navigation, other air traffic displayed on a moving map screen, in-flight weather display capability, whole aircraft ballistic parachute system, and all the safety and comfort features you’d expect from a modern aircraft.

Make your dreams come true! All your friends will be jealous of the new you!

Complete Private Pilot Package

  • 50 hours of aircraft rental
  • 25 hours of personalized ground and flight instruction
  • Aviation communications headset
  • Classroom ground school tuition
  • Textbook, reference books and study guides
  • E6B Flight computer
  • Leather pilot logbook
  • Navigation plotter
  • Fuel test tube
  • Flight bag
Regular Price: $12,500
Special Package Price: $11,500
Savings: $1000

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