SportShares Opportunities

The map below shows pins in locations where people have expressed an interest in joining a SportShares group. If you see a pin in your area, hover over it with your mouse to see the number of interested people in that area. We can place an aircraft into a SportShares group when 75% of the shares have been sold. Contact us at 972.725.9099 if you’re interested in joining a current or potential group. You can also add a pin for your location by using the form below.

SportShares Registration

If you are interested in becoming a SportShares fractional owner, or just want to know more information, you can complete this form to add your name to a list of potential SportShares members. You are under no obligation, and we will not share your information without your permission, nor will we flood you with spam. We will notify you when other potential members register in your area, and if all parties agree, we will facilitate introductions of the potential members.

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