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The SportCruiser is Back in the USA

US Sport Aircraft is Back in a Big Way

The light sport aircraft you know and love, the SportCruiser, has returned to the US market. And we couldn’t be more excited! From flight schools to recreational pilots, these airplanes are beloved by hundreds of pilots across the country.

US Sport Aircraft is once again importing these phenomenal airplanes with more luxurious interiors, modern avionics, and the ability to train for the instrument rating. If you’re a flight school looking for an economical airplane to expand your fleet, this is the most versatile option available. With a high volume of production, US Sport Aircraft is equipped to handle larger aircraft orders than other light sport dealers.


Overseeing Cruiser Aircraft’s U.S. Business

US Sport Aircraft is overseeing all Cruiser Aircraft’s US business. We’re your source for all purchasing, warranty and spare parts support in the United States. US Sport Aircraft originally imported and sold hundreds of SportCruiser aircraft from 2006 to 2017.

We’re excited to bring this exceptional aircraft back to the US market.

Purchase a SportCruiser

The SportCruiser’s excellent flight characteristics, superior performance, and panoramic canopy make it a true joy to fly. Not only is the SportCruiser an exceptional aircraft for the general aviation community, it’s also an excellent option for any flight school looking to expand its fleet. Reach out today to get your hands on this affordable aircraft.

Parts & Service Support

Already own a SportCruiser light-sport aircraft? Find parts and warranty support right here in the US with US Sport Aircraft. We’ll help get you the exact parts you need to keep your aircraft running at its best. We are the official partner with Czech Aircraft Group to provide parts and warranty support to all US customers. If you need help with your SportCruiser aircraft reach out today.